Starlion regularly supports the Braxton Miller foundation. The Braxton Miller Foundation is dedicated to bringing athletic and STEM opportunities to young people and using those opportunities to improve their lives through education, sports, and mentoring. Created in 2021 by Braxton Miller, a former NFL player and his aunt Lashonda. This foundation was created to support children in achieving greater success in both athletics and in life. They provide kids with the skills they need to be better athletes, students, communicators, and leaders as they move through life throughout their sport leagues and camps, as well as through the highly-trained professional coaching team .

Starlion also makes contributions to the Dusable Heritage Association. The DuSable Heritage Association (DHA) is thrilled by the increased interest in Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable, a well-known settler in the Midwest who is often regarded as the Founder of Chicago. DuSable was born in Haiti. Following more than 20 years of nonstop work to increase awareness of DuSable, DHA welcomes the focus of stakeholders, political leaders, and steadfast supporters on his full recognition through powerful symbols, such as significant street renaming, monument and statue erecting, and a dedicated day to pay him homage. As people of color, Indigenous peoples, and immigrant communities connect with their respective histories and work to better affirm their identities in today's diverse America, DuSable's journey was significant at the time it took place, and his legacy continues to resonate with these communities today