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Plastic Waste and Restaurants: The Lasting Effect

The best part about going out to eat is getting to take home a togo box for the next day.For something you use one time, why would it make sense to use plastic? A material that is made for long term use. In most instances plastic products are used one time then thrown away and collected in landfills and/or our oceans.It takes years for plastic to decompose. This is a perfect example for restaurants to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are many biodegradable products that can be used in place of plastics, that break down easily in the environment. Your staff will be more inclined to use them if you give them these options. Use eco-friendly packaging, to-go containers, and bag materials in your organization.You will have a beneficial impact on those around you by committing to limiting the use of plastic in your daily life. Although achieving the goal of a world free of plastic pollution can seem overwhelming, many people and organizations are working together to make a difference. Click here


Covid: When to Test

It can never hurt to test for covid on a regular basis. Before social events where you're going to come in contact with a lot of people, or just hanging out with friends and family.However we know that if you do not work in a medical practice this type of testing can be rare.The average person does not test for covid until they have symptoms or know they came in contact with someone who has/had the virus recently. It is recommended that you wait about 5 days before testing after coming in contact with someone who has tested positive. Rapid testing for the omicron form has reportedly been negative for the first day or two after symptoms appear. Therefore, even if you are exhibiting symptoms, you may want to delay taking the initial test for a day or two, especially if you only have a limited number of tests available. You should always have tests on hand to allow for safe and frequent testing. People on medicare are eligible for up to 8 Free covid tests a month. By going to Click here you can sign up, get approved, and get automatically sent 8 free tests per month. Always have them on hand for you, your family, and friends that way you aren’t stuck most when you need them.


Nitrile vs. Vinyl vs. Latex

Vinyl: A synthetic polymer made from petroleum is vinyl. It's inexpensive, latex-free, and has numerous uses. Vinyl gloves are widely available, but they aren't the best choice for caregivers. Some top benefits to vinyl gloves is that they are some of the most affordable gloves available, free of allergens and ideal for non-hazardous situations. Keep in mind while buying vinyl they are generally pretty loose-fitting and have a lower resistance to harmful chemicals.


Nitrile: One type of synthetic rubber is Nitrile. It's exceptionally tough, latex-free, and made with medical applications in mind. Because they are so easily torn, nitrile gloves are unusual. It is straightforward to determine whether a glove (or pair of gloves) is compromised thanks to this feature. Some of the top benefits to nitrile gloves is that they fit snugly on your hard to allow better precision, can be worn for long periods of time, and are extremely chemical resistant. This type of protection might cost you a few extra dollars. You also want to keep in mind that nitrile gloves are not the most eco-friendly and do not break down naturally in the environment.


Latex: Gloves made of latex are made of rubber. They provide ideal finger dexterity, are pleasant, and have medical applications. They are manufactured from latex, which is the one major drawback. According to researchers, more than 1% of Americans have a latex allergy. Use nitrile or vinyl gloves instead. Some top benefits of latex gloves include they are stretchy and strong and as well as coming from a natural source they also are biodegradable making for a more eco friendly product. As long as whoever you're working with/ for doesn't have an allergy latex is a perfect cost-effective snug fitting glove. Click here